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07-25-2011, 08:00 PM
Originally Posted by Kaiba
Have some Female Orions to act as models for some of the clothes.

But yea I agree he should have his own shop complete with all the stuff he would need to run it. I think I am right when I say he probably gets the most buisness in Qo'noS, at least that is where I am at half the time I am on. :p
He certainly could use more of a shop around him. And you know that merchants would certainly hire a few orion women to model the wares / biochemically influence the customers.

Originally Posted by Idali
missions ...

something like you are wanting a fed uniform made for an infiltration mission and he can make you one if you get him the material for it ...

Or get the really expensive metal for the newest orion gear ...

so many possibilities.
Not bad ideas. Don't think I don't like them, but I'd go with the tailor stopping you to explain that there is this two-bit lethean hit man in the area who usually can't afford his own bed bugs, but yesterday he buys the most expensive suit in the shop and pays in latinum. Question is, who's paying this scumbag and why?