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07-25-2011, 11:42 PM
Originally Posted by Amosov
I seem to have cured my lag/rubberbanding issue currently by sticking on the EU proxy in the launcher options menu.
Ive tried this setting, but it is getting worse with that. With the eu-proxy Im stuck in the Charakter retrieving screen and get disconnected from the login server. Without (no proxy set) I can log in and play, but after each loading screen (and there are a lot in this game) Im getting the "server is not responding"-message (maybe for 10 seconds). After that I can go on, but sometimes the game freezes (I can move, but without my toon and I cannot interact); I cant even log out, only quit the game entirely.

Tracert test results (see below)
Nettest results (see below)
Your Internet Service Provider (ISP) or who your purchase internet access from.
1. I do not have Win 7 (its Vista)
2. My Anti Virus scanner is blocking the web-address because it believes it is a dangerous url
3. My provider is Telekom Austria