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07-26-2011, 01:19 AM
Originally Posted by xdevnull View Post
I hope you don't mind a very specific question. I have an i5 system with dual 460's in sli. The game runs very smoothly except on the ground at three specific times:
1. When Reman's go purple and launch those ghosts.
2. When Jem-Hadar get cloaky
3. When the crm2000 starts to actually freeze something and the ice effect starts.

I get a major frame rate drop that goes away with the effect.

What effect is that launching? Bloom? Something else? I've tried putting my shadows to low and didn't see any change.

That could be a combination of several things. Bloom is generally the glowly after effect you see around things but the actual effects of things from particles to traces is generally affected by Lightning Quality and Visual FX in the options menu. You can try to turn those lower (or even off) to see if that gives it a boost.

Also a quad core for STO is kind of overkill. While the Cryptic engine (for CO and STO) will "use" all 4 cores, if you sat down and did the number crunch on it they never really tax out more than a Dual Core, which is one reason why it runs decent on some older rigs like mine because the CPU requirement isn't nearly as high. You can try setting the affinity of STO in Task Manager to Core 0 and Core 1, and leave all your other apps (vent, browser, etc whatever else you use while playing STO) running on Core 2 and 3. It won't necessarily bump up STO performance but it can help other apps, or at least from my testing it can (as always I leave myself room to be wrong lol).

But yea try lowering the Visual FX, and maybe Bloom, re-test and see if it happens. Post back if it still happens and we can look at what you have the rest of your settings at. Hope that helps