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07-26-2011, 02:44 AM
This argument comes up every time someone asks the question "beams or cannons", and there is always a stream of "only use beams". It simply isn't true.

Before flying my Vor'Cha, I flew a Negh'Var with exactly the same weapon layout;

2x Dual Cannons
1x Dual Beam Bank
1x Torp launcher

2x Beam
1x Turret
1x Torp launcher or additional beam depending on situation

That gives an incredibly high dynamic range of damage, and the burst damage potential is massive. Yes it results in a gap in firing arc, but only if you're incapable of flying.

The question of turn rate is rather moot frankly. 1 turn rate console will give the Negh'Var fairly good turn, and an engineer should be more than capable of maintaining a high aux power setting due to innate engineer settings (off the top of my head, my power is something like 110 weapons, 70 shields, 60 aux). An EPS console also makes any power drain argument pretty moot, especialy for an engineer.

Beams vs Cannons is an argument of sustained DPS vs burst DPS. You can argue which is better until you're blue in the face, but they each have equal advantages and disadvantages.

Flying a Negh'Var with the above stats in PVP, I would almost always be within the top 3 highest DPS, often besting escorts and BoPs, so the argument truly is rather moot.

A Negh'Var with cannons can be far more deadly than a Negh'Var with beams, so long as you know how to fly it.

In fact, if I was a Fed, I'd prefer Klingon cruisers to be using beams simply because its easier to defend against sustained DPS than it is to defend against burst DPS.