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Originally Posted by vampiric_hoshi View Post
2x Dual Cannons
1x Dual Beam Bank
1x Torp launcher

2x Beam
1x Turret
1x Torp launcher or additional beam depending on situation

That gives an incredibly high dynamic range of damage, and the burst damage potential is massive.
Your damage potential isn't anything even close to massive. In fact, that is by far the worst set up out of everyone who has posted in this thread.

Originally Posted by vampiric_hoshi View Post
The question of turn rate is rather moot frankly. 1 turn rate console will give the Negh'Var fairly good turn, and an engineer should be more than capable of maintaining a high aux power setting due to innate engineer settings (off the top of my head, my power is something like 110 weapons, 70 shields, 60 aux).
Why would you want to run high aux to increase turn rate? That is sooo season 1. Turn rate is tied to engine power now.

Originally Posted by vampiric_hoshi View Post
Beams vs Cannons is an argument of sustained DPS vs burst DPS. You can argue which is better until you're blue in the face, but they each have equal advantages and disadvantages.
No, you ask any good PvPer and they'll all say "beams", a few outliers will suggest single cannons and/or turrets as an alternative, and absolutely nobody will suggest that you mix beams and cannons. After you fly against those PvPers and they kick your butt you wisen up.

Originally Posted by vampiric_hoshi View Post
Flying a Negh'Var with the above stats in PVP, I would almost always be within the top 3 highest DPS, often besting escorts and BoPs, so the argument truly is rather moot.
It's not moot at all. Pugs are pathetic. I once out-damaged and out-healed a full fed team combined in a large cap-and-hold. Doesn't mean anything, except that they were horrible. When you take a build like that and compare your damage to the damage of people who actually know how to play a cruiser you'll be at the very bottom of the charts.

Originally Posted by vampiric_hoshi View Post
In fact, if I was a Fed, I'd prefer Klingon cruisers to be using beams simply because its easier to defend against sustained DPS than it is to defend against burst DPS.
Burst DPS and sustained DPS from your build are both going to be measly, but no, cruisers are good at sustained DPS so that's what they should focus on. Leave burst DPS to the escorts and you get something that is complementary.

Sigh... listen up people. Cruiser piloting 101 cliff notes with attitude:
  • Fly an engineer. Otherwise get out of the cruiser. A few players can make tact work in a cruiser, but if you need to read this guide to fly a cruiser you definitely aren't one of them, sorry :p
  • Run eight single beams. If you must, run seven beams with a torp.
  • You aren't supposed to be a damage dealer, you are a healer who happens to do damage. If you want to do massive damage fly an escort. If you are one of those strange people who think that cruisers should only focus on healing and not damage (eg. running 25 weapons power and full aux) then for God's sake stop firing. You're giving away borg procs and that is terrible. Spam mines and chroniton torps if you really want to go that route -- but you still shouldn't.
  • The only thing that will ever grace your Cmdr. slot is Extend Shields 3. You also need Aux2Sif2, Engineering Team 3, and Engineering Team 2. You have a bit more play with the lower level level skills. You probably want an RSP, as well as an EPtS. EPtA and EPtW are another two valid skills.
  • If you take an RSP 2 or 3 you are a horribly greedy person. We're talking C-store levels of greed here. Also don't take more than one RSP. Either of these are the equivalent of giving your team the middle finger, and automatically makes you a terrible PvPer and possibly human being as well.
  • In terms of tactical skills, you can never go wrong with FAW (assuming you have good power levels), Delta is another good one. Tactical team can save stupid team mates who don't balance their shields or have a tac team. Beam overload works good if you can coordinate with an escort and augment his spike. Ditto HYT.
  • For science skills you want at least one TSS and one HE. If you have an extra ensign slot, either take another TSS/HE, or a tractor beam, or a science team for debuff clearing. If you take jam sensors, baby Jesus will cry and then probably smite you.
  • Your DPS comes from your power management. Resist the urge to pop EPS power transfer and Nadion at the same time and instead be sure to cycle them. If you run EPtW it will help you. +7 weapons consoles are your friend, more so than EPS consoles in most cases. You want to be running full power to weapons basically all the time.
  • Set up smart power presets. 100 weapons / 50 shields is good for when you need to tank or cast an extend shields. You can also make a power preset that takes power out of weapons and into shields if you have a tough time reaching 125 shields power. You need to be able to get over 100 shields for extend 3 to be potent, and ideally you can get to 125 whenever you need to cast it. Another must setting is 100 weapons / 50 aux for when you need to cast aux-based heals. Get good at switching between these and intuiting when you will need to be at different power levels. Setting up hotkeys is totally recommended.
  • Run the borg set with either covariant or resilient shields. If you don't have the borg set, stop doing PvP immediately and run some STFs. Actually, this goes for any ship or build.
  • Basically, don't try to make the cruiser into something it is not. You are a healer that does good sustained damage. Going away from that only serves to hurt you build and weakens your team.

Now can the bad advice end please?