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07-26-2011, 04:30 AM
Originally Posted by pdidy View Post
Personally I feel that there should be endgame variants for every ship. Unforunately, the canon nazi's won't allow this. Sorry, but this probably won't happen. As for me, I would like the Light Cruiser to be the middle road between Science, ENgineering, and Tactical, kinda like a Fed BOP.
I have been called "Canon-Nazi" more then once and still I feel the same way.
The ship balance is already way out of the line, I dont see a Defaint or an Intrepit or the evolutet version of a 300 years old Vulcan ship... or a BoP en par with Souvereigns, Prometheus..s.. Galaxys ect in Canon.
But its a good thing that they are in the game because it means more variaty = more fun.
For those smaller/lowe tier ships that are more out of line, well there have been litarally THOUSANDS of suggestions how to make that work... from little "Squads" working like the Prometheus MVA (one Miranda may be a little underpowered, but three MIGHT be more suitable) up to highly specialised ships that have no chance in 1 vs 1 but can have a bigger impact then a "usual" ship in teams.
As a Klingon player I wouldnt even have an issue with the Mirranda beeing kind of a BoP-equvalent with universal slots (of course without battlecloak, that one woulndt fit there).
There are A LOT of possibilitys.

Originally Posted by NeilCell View Post
I wouldn't mind seeing a light Cruiser refit at Tier 3 or 4.
I still dont see any sense in adding lower tier ships.
I have 9 characters, the LOWEST is Commander 8 (since yesterday) and I still dont see need for more lower tier ships.
Honestly, I make more then a rank per day, and I mean on a day I actually work 8-12 hours before. So for what do we need more ships to fly a few hours if we still have lack of variation beyond the t5 ships we actually KEEP for a while?