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07-26-2011, 05:53 AM
[quote=hurleybird;3664243]Your damage potential isn't anything even close to massive. In fact, that is by far the worst set up out of everyone who has posted in this thread.[/qupte]

If that were true, I would not regularly be out-DPS-ing tactical officers in escorts. Case in point.

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Why would you want to run high aux to increase turn rate? That is sooo season 1. Turn rate is tied to engine power now.
High Aux power allows for a greater defence buff from science skills. Nothing to do with turn rate, it increases my defence.

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No, you ask any good PvPer and they'll all say "beams", a few outliers will suggest single cannons and/or turrets as an alternative, and absolutely nobody will suggest that you mix beams and cannons. After you fly against those PvPers and they kick your butt you wisen up.
Mixing beams and cannons allows a non-tactical cruiser captain to effectively mix two tactical abilities that allow for higher DPS.

It makes the setup more dynamic, and gives the ship a greater mix between sustained DPS and burst DPS.

Again the fact that my setup regularly out-DPS's escorts sporting all cannons and cruiser sporting all beams is proof in the pudding.

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It's not moot at all. Pugs are pathetic. I once out-damaged and out-healed a full fed team combined in a large cap-and-hold. Doesn't mean anything, except that they were horrible. When you take a build like that and compare your damage to the damage of people who actually know how to play a cruiser you'll be at the very bottom of the charts.
Considerng I have been PVPing since the game launched, and considering I have never been at the bottom of the list on DPS, I am quite satisfied that I am correct.

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Burst DPS and sustained DPS from your build are both going to be measly, but no, cruisers are good at sustained DPS so that's what they should focus on. Leave burst DPS to the escorts and you get something that is complementary.
I won't have the same burst DPS 1vs1 as an escort, and I won't have the same sustained DPS 1vs1 to a Cruiser, instead I have a greater mix of the two will allows me to do greater DPS over a single period of time. that is how I almost always top damage charts.

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Sigh... listen up people. Cruiser piloting 101 cliff notes with attitude:
lots of pointless words
Here is a 101 for you:

Unless you are intending on being somekind of "ultiamte PVPer" you can fly any ship, with any class, with any weapons, with any boff skills, and still be "viable" and "effective".

Since most people don't aim for that, but instead aim for something that they will find both enjoyable and useable, everything you've said has about as much point and use as how many times I took a dump yesterday.

The original question was: What is better on a Negh'Var? Beams or Cannons?

The answer IS NOT beams. The answer is: It depends on how you play, on your class, and whether or not you intend to be some kind of PVPing god.