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07-26-2011, 07:34 AM
Originally Posted by Zoberraz View Post
Well, Ramming Speed is not exactly stellar either. It too isn't on my power bar anymore.
We've had some fantastic ramming speed maneuvers in shuttle_wars recently. Turn a loss into a draw.

As you can survive your own ramming, and the enemy might not, it's not useless, in general.

Abandon Ship guarantees your death, and only might perhaps destroy someone else as well. If you're lucky and the stars are right.

Maybe Abandon Ship should add a Photonic Shockwave like AoE effect to the explosion. (You'd still die, but at least you might notably "inconvencience" your enemy)

Or maybe it should just be replaced with something cool. Maybe "Reverse Thrust" - Stop and reverse flight direction for 5 seconds. Or "Barrell roll", rotating your ship around its fligh axis over 5 seconds (giving a small defense buff and implicitely turning shield facings.)