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07-26-2011, 08:08 AM
<<Priotity One, Captains Eyes Only>>

Very well General Honda rely the signal to my Ready Room Terminal then take the escort vessels back to port
and await further instructions.

Ancient untranslated tongue <Lord this isent another Omege is it?>
<No Loyal Vassel, We are in the Federation services now not the IJN>

Computer Seal Ships Comm until further command; Relay message and authenticate
<Working.. Signal is from SB 39. ADM ?/]
Command Code Tinaka SB Shinkoku..

<Access Granted>
Audio only [using command codes from SB 39]
Hello stranger divert your ship to meet a shuttle in the KAzon Expanse,, [click]

Computer attempt to bounce signal of the Tal Sh'r relay..

Computer cross index with Vulcan Science Academy.. Level Red MAtter Authorization VA Planetary Survival level.

<Access Granted...Triangulating locator becon...ID [secret] >

Pushing swinging retro display arm back..

HELM this is the Admiral.. Gravitate the Rotary Drive.. WARP 11.
Ships Captain to my Ready room on the Admirals Wing.

<swoosh> Salute Admiral you wish something?

I do order a diplomatic reception in Ten Forward with issue of type 1 phasers.. We i believe have a "special" guest to meet. One you may well remember.. set your Phasers to stun.. and Ready Security for inspection in 15 minutes. Dismissed.

Of Course Admiral.

Watching the ships operations progress from the bridge cam.. The Admiral went to the Ready Room Container and locked access hatch and changed.

Admiral ,3 hours out.. Orders?

Scan for Taejon imminence

Signal Contact Shuttle on long range system. Speed warp 5 bearting 210 degrees high.

Tactical Train weapons on them and signal.. repair tractor beam to shuttle bay and erect a force field stasis field.



Walking onto the Bridge

Admiral on the Bridge Orders?

Team with me to meet our guest. take you weapons out left palm show me the settings.. Good
This is a direct order. Disregard anything our guest says and treat him like hes an Undine.. Jam his shuttles COM now.. and follow me.

Aye AYE!

Smiling the Welcoming Committee procedures to the secure quarantine Shuttle bay docking clamps 2.

Cheif Ready to flood the area with Anzine gas the second anything strange happens
With pleasure Admiral.

The Shuttle hatch <swooshes open>

A Crew Buzz cut male in a Black jacket emergess with an angry look and phaser..

Put that thing down and step over here "DEar Friend"

Greetings Captain Drake oh what an unwarranted surprise or please it is to see you again..
What degree of peril do you wish to subjugate my worthy vessel to this time.

You by chance can prove your are not an Undine? Not <wink Adm Zelles Brother?>