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I left after season 3 arrived, mostly due to lack of time to play (not that I didn't enjoy the game, but I've got a day job and am building a music career, too), but finally decided (after obsessively watching Star Trek: Next Gen on Netflix ) to return to one of my favorite MMOs to date.

I logged in to check on my character and whatnot, and have noticed a number of things are changed. The shooter mode in ground combat is the biggest change, of course, but since I always spent the bulk of my time doing ship missions, I figured I should check up on my viability in the world and see if there's anything I need to tweak.

I'm halfway through commander, running 2x Disruptor DHCs in front with a quantum torp, and 2x disruptor turrets in the back on my Heavy Escort (I'm a Tac officer). Can't remember the rest of the specs off the top of my head. Is this build still viable? I'm used to things changing dramatically in MMOs (I used to play Asheron's Call), but I'm not finding a whole lot seems to have changed on the space combat side of things. I keep my power systems with weapons maxed, engines high, and aux about on par with engines so I can get turned around relatively quick. I'm dying to get to Captain so I can fly my favorite ship, the Defiant, but I want to make sure I'll be able to make it there without getting my rear handed to me (I'm mostly a PvE guy). Thanks!