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07-26-2011, 12:02 PM
I'm going to borrow this thread, if I may.

I have a question for Captain Logan (although to be clear, I'm not expecting an answer here. Just sometime at his convenience. Engineer report, a Priority One podcast, whenever).

You mention that scaling ships, ships that level with you, or universal ship "skeletons" that we can skin with out favorite ship "costume" are unlikely because in a competitive PvP, players need to be able to judge abilities of a ship by the silhouette. It makes sense, and I understand that. (Even if I do not like it, and it means the chances of my favorite federation ship being introduced at above tier 1 is much more unlikely. :-P)

You then later talk about working on being able to build custom ships. (Something that has been mentioned repeatedly.)

My question is: How are those two ideas/theories/philosophies supposed to coexist?

How can we build custom ships in such a way that it allows a PvP player to judge the ships abilities based on the silhouette? And if that can't be maintained, then why are we unlikely to get the scaling ships and such?

Thanks you for your time.