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07-26-2011, 12:36 PM
Originally Posted by Intrepidox View Post
you don't think the problem is with the STO servers when almost everyone has unplayable lag? what the heck is a tracert going to do to help with that? fix your servers I haven't been able to play since I re-subbed 4 days ago
First, just because you (and several others you might know) are having lag, does not mean almost everyone has it. You can't possibly have surveyed enough people to get anywhere close to determining what "almost everyone" is experiencing.

Second, if there's an issue with a tier 1 or 2 Internet provider somewhere, it could be affecting SOME paths to the server but not others. A traceroute helps spot such issues.

Third, I have had no problems for the past several days, so be careful when you assume it's affecting everyone.

Fourth, what if the problem isn't the server(s) but the network connection that Cryptic is using? Again, traceroutes and such things can help identify this.

But hey, if you think yelling will be more helpful than providing info, knock yourself out.