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07-26-2011, 03:21 PM
I finally got a reply... all I can say is WTF! This is what is considered helpful, or "support"?

Issue Summary:

===== Ticket Submission Data =====
Game: Star Trek Online
Platform: Not Selected
Category: Account & Billing Services
My billing method keeps being declined, I have called my bank and this credit/debit card is good and valid. I have also used this exact same card for 4 other online games without incident. I have already been charged for the digital download, and would like to use the product I have already paid for.

Customer Service Responses:

I am sorry for any inconvenience or frustration this is causing you. I am not sure why your payment method is not working. Please attempt the purchase again or try a different payment method. Additionally the 30 days that came free with your purchase of the game have successfully been applied to your account. Thank you for playing, Cryptic Studios.

That's the exact copy and paste, so did the person reading my ticket actually notice that I said it "keeps being declined", maybe that was too subtle a hint that I had already tried again? Granted, I do not have a maters's degree in business administration, but it seems to me I would want my company to be as adaptable at receiving money as possible and not have customers jumping through hoops to pay me by telling them to "try a different payment method".

If I were the only one having an issue getting payment to go through, I could understand this customer service rep telling me they are "not sure" why my payment method is not working, however there are numerous threads and post, some over a year old detailing others with the same issue.

So I guess in the end I will keep searching these forums for any updates that might help answer the issue we are having, hope some of you had better luck with this.