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07-26-2011, 02:41 PM
the things that need fixing in terradome fall into 2 categories

First of all, there are 10 groups of about 7-8 NPC's and of each group, one is really a fed, and the rest are disguised Undine. Upon starting "Defend the Engineers" the feds become NPC allies and everything else becomes an Undine. The engineers you "Found" get slaughtered in seconds. froups of 5 undine, are balanced for a full away team of 5 ppl. We already know that the telepathic inhibiter will give the Undine a massive headache, if we aren't careful, so my solution is to rewrite the story so that: after finding the engineers, all 5 players go back to Miles. the five engineers will each "Attach" themselves to a player. the 5 players spread out to the 5 consoles. the engineers reroute their personal shields through the inhibiters insta-killing the undine on the "Promenade"

mission proceeds as normal, with low level undine spawning one at a time at 5 places around the promenade, and one Cmdr+ undine spawns.

the other issues are: Security escorts are a lot less resilient.

Prior to S4, a tac (and our raid leader) would cover the transformer at 9 o'clock, throw both sets of escorts, while targeting the engineer, so that they would stay there. One (and ONLY ONE) Cmdr+ undine would spawn near 9 o'clock, and would (I think) be randomly given aggro on one of the engineers. it would proceed to run to that engineer's station, the Raid leader would follow that undine, and wherever it stopped, he and the player at that position would burn it down. A tac could throw security escorts on the engineer to defend him from the low-level spawn, an engi could buy dime and divide aggro of the low level spawns with turrets and drones, and a healer could just turn around after the Cmdr+ was down and cast a heal on the engineer on the console.

I think about the time that the bug was introduced where the undine didn't spawn if you weren't near them the high-level spawn changed to ALWAYS be MULTIPLE undine at CMDR+ lvl.

ppl changed tactics. with 5 ppl plus pets at 9 o'clock, they could burn the cmdr+'s down with just a little coordination.

the S4 patch (I think) fixed the low level undine not spawning, but left the multiple Cmdr+ undine. That is the stopper.

I seem to recall that if you got maybe 3-4 of the coin flip groups wrong, you would get 2 Cmdr lvl undine at a time, or something like that. That was reasonable, because you got the coin flippers wrong, but any group that has gotten 10/10 correct on the coin flippers should have only 1 Cmdr+ spawn.

(When the reset mechanic was working properly, prior to the S2 issues that broke TD, if you failed once, reset and got 10/10 correct there would be NO Cmdr. lvl undine spawned.)

(These are my complete thoughts, although I haven't read the second and third pages of the thread yet.)

Hey Gozer, you mentioned getting QA to do a runthrough a full week ago, any word on that? did they find any issues?