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07-26-2011, 02:45 PM
Originally Posted by Suricata View Post
Absolutly agree, and there should definatly be displays showing the latest C-Store costumes as well, so players can see the new items that have been added. Right now its a bit wierd just having a randam cardassian standing in a little corner of the station with a huge crowd around him, it also feels like he's selling black market clothing (I keep waiting for security to show up and move him on his way) :-P
I agree. I would like to see some type of display showing C-Store clothes. Right now though there are no uniforms in the C-Store for the KDF, not sure why since uniforms are probably easy to make. But still the shop could have Orion Female's acting as models for different outfits or maybe another race. (I don't want to keep saying Orion Female's, someone might get the idea that I am a pervert, lol.)