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07-26-2011, 05:41 PM
I usually fly an MVAM and my Alpha is:

Fire on my mark
Tac Fleet (If up, although the cooldown is so long i usually save it)
Rapid Fire II (or BO:III then RF)
If shields are down in the first pass I use THY II (though I have been wondering about the effectiveness of Torps in PVP)

Sometimes BO:III rips through shields, other times it gets shrugged off like a mosquito. Even on ships with NO buffs up it can get shrugged off.

I just switched to an Excelsior Refit for fun. I have 6 beam arrays (well 2 DBB and 4 arrays) and two torps (i1 quantum in the front, and harpeng in the rear) On my Excelsior Refit:

Fire on my mark
Tac Fleet (if up)
THY II (if shields are down)

Again, same problem on the refit. Sometimes fire from the arrays are shrugged off, other times they pierce right through. Maybe more acc?