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07-27-2011, 04:22 AM
One thing I dont get about the Aggro managment:

For some reason when I'm alone with my BOs I ALWAYS get aggro even if I dont even fight.
I set the focus of my bos on a random targert in an enemy group and do nothing but standing arround; the FIRST thing happening is that at least 2 enemys attack me.... If the aggro managment works the way its discribet here, how can that happen?

(That is usually my tactic... or was before Ground 2.0, during that exploration mission where we have to scan objects/consoles guardet by enemys.... When I'm simply to lazy to fight that doesnts of groups I send in the BOs for distraction and go scanning without attacking.... but, as I said, most times I pull aggro anyway, even if I am far away from them and neighter used an attack skill nor anything else)