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07-27-2011, 05:12 AM
I hate people who drop matches, it is so cheap. I have to be honest too, I see it a lot in lower tier klinks. Yes I do see it Fed side, mostly at higher tiers, but I felt it a point worth making. Anyway, sometimes it is really worth sticking around, you can have some real fun, like this match

Abandoned by my team right at the start. Fail. Took on the other team in a rolling 1v1 (for the most part, they took a few liberties at the end hence their share of 3 kills) and spanked em silly. I bet it was more fun than the 5v5 I would have had. This leads me to another point, I like to be courteous, if a game is unbalanced, people should be fair enough to self balance by imposing such restrictions as my enemies were kind enough to above. I was in an uneven CnH the other day, and until the match equalised I announced I would not fire on anyone, and stood by my word.

This is not a level of courtesy or fair play I see often, it is a shame.