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07-27-2011, 05:54 AM
Originally Posted by talbg View Post
They are both are great ships! I fly Sci for the Vo’que and an Eng for my Kar’fi.

The Vo’que survivability is great and I love the damage out put I can do over long engagements with 6 bops. It does turn like a brick so directional powers are rough to pull off at times. I run two cannons and a beam for the front and two turrets and a beam on the rear with tetryons, (if you have a suggestion let me know). I also run high shield and AUX setting for my power.

That being said what do you all like to use in your Sci bridge officer powers for this ship and why?


With my Eng the Kar’fi is totally worth it. I tried it with my Sci but I was just not happy with it. The added survivability really helps out tremendously with my Eng. Currently I’m running beam boat for FAW but I liked that cannon idea I saw posted or maybe looking at adding some mines maybe. As for the S'kul and the Fer'Jai I’m 50/50 on them. If it looks like I will have a long fight I like the Fer’Jai. Sometimes I get lucky with the S’kul and getting some good burst damage but most of the time I count them as a torp with a 30 sec timer and I will be lucky if two them hit before they get destroyed. Also they miss a lot on the suicide runs.

Same as before, what do you all like to use in your Sci bridge officer powers for this ship and why? I really like seeing what other people use and sometimes I learn something new.

Cheers to all the carrier pilots out there!
My current Kar'fi build: (Science Captain)

4 Single Cannons
3 Turrets

Borg set + Reman shield (for looks)

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Tac Lt : TT1 - CRF1 - ( alt : APD2)

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Sci Ens : ST1 ( alt : TSS2 - HE3 - GW3)