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07-27-2011, 05:08 AM
Originally Posted by Idali
I think we don't need every single obscure ship that somewhere showed for a second in game.
So, no.

Originally Posted by dvsaris View Post
No! No more kitbashed ships! It's bad enough that we have to put up with Centaur, Cheyenne and Galaxy Dreadnaught.

Let's stick to real legitimate designs, not something the special effects department put together out of spare parts b/c they were low on budget.
The fact that you (llike obviously many) do not like the GX does not make it a kit-bash.
It was designed to be some kind of Galaxy-Refit, definitly shown in the FOREGROUND in every detail, it is a valid canon-ship-design.

Originally Posted by Koppenflak
This is true. Or perhaps a Tier-5 Star Destroyer?
Well the difrence here is, oddly enough, that the yt1300 is TECHNICLY now part of the Star Trek canon through its joke-appearence in First Contact (just like r2d2 through his appearence in Abrahams Trek), a Star Destroyer is not.
(But to clarify: I, of course, wouldnt want the Falcon in STO even IF it were possible.

Originally Posted by Darkphenoix
My own opinion? A yes... ONLY, and I repeat ONLY if CapnLogan can work his magic and come up with a variant that doesn't end up looking like a horrible kitbash of an intrepid and peregrine fighter.
Here is the problem: THATS NOT POSSIBLE. The Yaeger was never supposed to be shown in any kind of detail, its only purpose was to be seen as "Random ship in the background"... Any try to make the intergradation between the model parts make look even CLOSE to natural would simply make it another ship.
IMO it has no bigger place in Canon then the above mentionet Millenium Falcon...