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07-27-2011, 06:42 AM
Originally Posted by Ebeneezergoode
True, but the thing is, not everybody wants a cookie cutter build, they're often the most effective (there's a reason they're common), but they're also lacking individuality. It's a sign things are broken when some potentially decent builds are considered inferior for not conforming strictly to the prescribed builds common in PVP. Variety's the spice of life after all.
Well the question is do you want to be as efficient as possible or not? If yes then there is no way around the usual cookie cutter builds because they are the most efficient. In this case beams would be the answer to the OPs question.
But this doesn't mean it is the only viable one. If you don't care how effective you are then you can also use cannons or a mix of both.

My current Negh'Var (work in progress):
Front: 1xQuant, 3xSingle Cannon Disruptor
Aft: 4xTurret Disruptor

Tac: TT, ABP
Sci: PH, TSS2
Eng: DEM3, DEM2, ET2, EPTW1
Aux2SI 2, Aux2Damp 1, EPtS1

Is it the most efficient? Hell no and I know it (I hear you laughing PvPers :p). But it is what I have fun playing with and in the end that should be the important part. (Not saying you can't have fun with a cookie cutter build).