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07-27-2011, 07:13 AM
Originally Posted by Intrepidox View Post
you don't think the problem is with the STO servers when almost everyone has unplayable lag? what the heck is a tracert going to do to help with that? fix your servers I haven't been able to play since I re-subbed 4 days ago
I had disconnects briefly a couple weeks ago but the storm many seem to experience passed by me.

As you can see, most users have 10-14 hops between them and Cryptic and some of these have proven problematic. Although a large part of Cryptic's userbase might get routed through these connections, it doesn't mean it's Cryptic's server.

That said, it can always be Cryptic's Servers but one must realize that there statistically more connections that are beyond either Cryptic or the user's control.