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02-13-2009, 10:13 AM
Originally Posted by Samurai02008 View Post
So they moved B4 to the Soong Institution huh? Shame. Hope they bring him back online soon. I did enjoy his part. Although I must say that I dont think that Sela should have been made Commander of the Fleet. Never really did like the way she ran things. It would also be nice to see what Wesley brings to the story. I was just looking on wikipedia and appearently he rejoined Starfleet and made it to Lt. Jr. Grade in Star Trek: Nemesis. What will happen to Wesley?
I aways thought Wesley was kind of annoying!! I guess with the traveler stuff it would be at least nice to see what really happened to him and what he did with the traveler. I also am glad to see the update on B4 i hope with all of Datas memories that we can see some form of Data returning.