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07-27-2011, 08:48 AM
Originally Posted by FurQue
Well, i'd like it to have:

uni cmdr
uni cmdr
uni ltc
uni ltc
uni ensign

Also it needs to turn like mvam in beta mode and have 5 front weapons and 4 rear.


5 engineer
4 sci
6 tac
+ 2 universal

+30 to all power levels.

But can we wait till december the 30th till its released?
I missed the fact that it should carry immunities to all current debuffs, be immune to snb, it should also be immune to tractors/repulsors and psw, along with SS.

It should have 24k of shields and 240k of hull. It should have innate 75% shield and hull resistances. It should also come with a few free tac powers, BO4 and CRF4 along with THY4. These should have very short cooldowns, maybe 10's or less.

It should also carry a power multiplyer as a console, so when someone throws you a 5k heal, it gets multipied by a factor of 10.

It should also have a deathstar strike with a guaranteed one shot kill with no arc, which recharges every 10-15 seconds.