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07-27-2011, 09:28 AM
Originally Posted by Vampir888 View Post
Well the question is do you want to be as efficient as possible or not?
And that there is the problem, and what I have been trying to say, because there is no one overall efficient build.

There is an efficient PVP build, an efficient PVE solo build, an efficient group PVE build, etc etc.

All of the above are also entirely dependant on other players in your group, the type of map you are playing, and other factors which can also adjust what is, or is not, efficient.

Beams may be efficient in some cases, but NOT all.

Solo PVE being the biggest difference here since, generally speaking, efficiency in PVE is:

ability to survive vs ability to kill a target as quickly as possible

Cruisers are the best ship for that, and a cruiser with beams is less efficient compared to a cruiser with cannons, or a cruiser with a mix of the two, simply because a beam boat will not kill a target as fast.

So if the OP is more interested in solo PVE, then the suggestion of going all beams is not true at all. It will hamper him, not help him.