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07-27-2011, 09:37 AM
Originally Posted by mancom
A sci version of the excelsior comes to mind.

I think Cryptic's weak (or rather non-existant) AI is one of the main obstacles for a balanced Ent-F setup. What I mean is that in PVP Sci LtC slots are the best thing, but in PVE they are rather weak compared to more damage-focussed abilities because of the dumb enemies. You can have high level heals in that slot (heals in PVE? not necessary), basic disruption (GW1/SS2, not that helpful in PVE) and of course PSW (shockwave in PVE? why bother?). For PVE a Sci LtC is not all that helpful which means that adding a Sci LtC slot to a cruiser or escort or any other ship is not treated as a balance problem by Cryptic.
It goes to the heart of the problem. Making the LtC slot universal would satisfy the supriority of the cruiser in PvP (lol klings, sad day ) and have PvE'ers get a Ltc Tac + Lt Tac to heroically kill mindless NPCs which you can already kill via afk / autofire.


(lol klings, go ... kling on to some tissues)