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07-27-2011, 11:17 AM
Originally Posted by Krizonar

my Enterprise F.

Build advice welcome.
Heh. I giggled. And actually: This is very much the point why this discussion right now is a bit of a moot point. We've barely released how the ship will look. No setup or similar yet. Once we have more information, I fully expect threads on this topic so we can gather feedback and ideas together - especially once it comes to Tribble and you all could get your hands on it (or your beam canons aiming on it, whichever).

But please: Restarting a previously closed thread is spam. Doing so repeatedly and then going on to break other rules just to make a point only makes one point: We lose your feedback. Nothing more, nothing less.

Until we have more details and as long as all of this is speculation, please join in on an number of other Enterprise F threads such as this one.