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07-27-2011, 10:21 AM
Originally Posted by havam
...for restoring my faith into the system. As for the two part fix, anything we should look out for when running it on tribble?

Basically the Systems fix just "normalized" the individual critters. Originally there were two types of Undine (and for that matter Borg used to work this way as well) Regular and Raid ...

The Raid critters were special in that they had a bonus to heath and damage. When we redid the Borg critters we normalized them so that there was no difference between the two groups any longer. The next step for the Borg was to go back through every encounter (encounters are groups of critters with different types of critters in them) and make sure the encounters themselves were more in line with the new ground combat.

Critters in STO have different ranks.. Ens., Lt, Cmdr, Capt.

An Encounter is made by grouping these up in different combinations.

Prior to the combat upgrade a standard Borg or Undine encounter would have looked something like this.

Actor 1 - Ens.
Actor 2 - Ens
Actor 3 - Ens
Actor 4 - Lt
Actor 5 - Lt
Actor 6 - Cmdr
Actor 7 - Cmdr

This was balanced to the old combat system however, with the combat changes this would now be very..very deadly..

Here is an example of what the Encounter should look like now (and what I'll have to go back and update for all or Terradome) for the Encounter to be the same relative difficulty that it was prior to season 4.

Actor 1 - Ens.
Actor 2 - Ens
Actor 3 - Lt
Actor 4 - Cmdr

Sooo.. one problem has been solved (the Undine no longer have bonus damage and Health), but they will still be somewhat broken since there are way too many critters in the encounters and you may have multiple Cmdrs etc which can make a encounter more difficult than we want it to be,