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# 170 Getting Worse
07-27-2011, 11:23 AM
...The interior of the bioship was cramped and dark. It smelt like the inside of a very old and very worn training shoe and Tanar had to force himself not to gag on the foul odour that was constantly trying to attack his lungs.

...The pilot was only 5 metres in front of him at the main control, wired into his command chair via organic tubules. He could see the tripedal creature through a crack in the console he had climbed under. It was sitting awkwardly in a massive chair, or at the least a biomass moulded into the shape of a chair. The entire ship was alive, although not sentient; at least Tanar hoped so.

...The Cardassian who had spent most of his life in Starfleet had been captured by the Undine on a visit to his homeland. He had spent countless days in a holding cell before he had managed to escape the biodome by finding this ship, docked in what he assumed was a hanger bay, although ‘garden’ would have been a more accurate description. He had tried to figure out how to operate the very alien controls when the huge Undine scuttled in. He had only just managed to dive under a crack in the ships wall, and land in something soft and sticky as the creature entered the chamber. He did not want to think what it was that he now sat in.

...At least half an hour had passed as the pilot had gone through what he assumed was a series of pre-ignition checks. Strange noises could be heard coming from inside the ship; a language from a com-link or ship functions? he could not tell. Finally the ship had rumbled into activity and had left the dome into fluidic space.

...Tanar knew he had act soon, although he had never flown anything as alien as a bio ship. Even if he could incapacitate the pilot he would have no way of creating a rift back into normal space, or even what part of his galaxy he would end up in. The Undine appeared to be able to cross vast areas of the galaxy from the Alpha quadrant, all the way to the Delta quadrant via fluidic space. One wrong move and he would find himself stranded a hundred years from home.

...Suddenly the ship shuddered. Tanar was unprepared for the jolt and was flung back into a cluster of pipes and tubes. The vessel shook again. It felt like they had hit some turbulence. A bioship rocked a third time, causing Tanar to hit his head. He cried out in pain for a split second. He instantly knew his mistake as the aliens head snapped back to look at his position. He had to move.

...Rolling from underneath the console, he sprang to his feet and threw himself at the still seated Undine. The flight threw the air seemed to take forever, as if time had slowed down. It gave him the opportunity to see a massive claw sweeping him away from his target. He crashed into a side console. A shower of sparks, and goo greeted him as he slunk down to the floor. The goo burned his skin and he tried to wipe it away as it seared at his flesh. He saw the huge alien standing above him, ready to strike. It all went blank.

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