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07-27-2011, 12:29 PM
Originally Posted by Capt_wirge
while playing on my new Klingon, in the T'Ong nebula Borg Device hunt, you have no tricorder usage, or nothing really definable to find them easier, no Map oval circle to give you a sort of Idea where they are. Those maps really need to change. As of right now you just wonder aimlessly throughout the map.
When you look at the big map (the M key) there is usually, not always, but usually a trail of sorts you can see.
If you follow it, it'll lead you to all the devices. And every once in a while the tricorder will lead you to them, but only sometimes.
They have always been that way. It's actually improved, for a long time the Tricorders never worked at all for the Klingons. It took a couple updates before that was fixed.
I guess I've just gotten used to having to search a long time for items on some of the ground maps.
Being Klingon has always been more of a challenge in STO.