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07-27-2011, 12:57 PM
Originally Posted by Heretic
This is still a work in progress; right now each tier gives you:
  • A unique title and accolade
  • A duty officer (a valuable but not unique one for Tier I and Tier II, a blue unique for Tier III and a purple unique for Tier IV) for everything but Diplomacy and Marauding (who give unique bridge officers instead of duty officers)
  • Unlocks repeatable assignments that will allow you to get blue and purple bridge officers and advanced skill buff assignments

There are also other types of assignments unlocked, but they're not standardized across each commendation category.

The above is not a complete list, just what has currently been implemented internally. There have been a lot of discussions and experimentation to see what other types of rewards would both be appropriate and are practical to implement. Things that I can personally implement are most likely to be able to happen; things that require getting costume time, for example, are going to be harder, which isn't to say they can't happen, just that it will depend on what other priorities exist for those departments.

And, as always, we're interested in your feedback as to the kinds of things you think would be appropriate for the system.
speaking of work in progress how long till we finally see it on tribble?