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07-27-2011, 12:09 PM
Actually, I think the T5 Excelsior is the reason for the complaints about lower Tier ships being available. People hate that Excelsiors beat out their favorite, the Sovereign. The truth is, the Tier 2 ships, if not Tier 1, are as modern as Tier 5.

Personally, I feel that the problem is not that the ships are in Tiers, it's that the Tiers are too extreme. It is a byproduct of the RPG structure. Leveling in a computer RPG usually entails large jumps in power, so that Admirals are not going around hunting in and crowding out Lieutenants in their own sectors. Of course, that happens anyway in DSEs, but there you go...

The problem is not that a Constitution class is not balanced for a Lieutenant, it is. But it is not balanced for an Admiral. And Admiral in the same ship doesn't get the same performance out of it because the ship limits his capabilities. Team a Lt. in a Constitution with an Admiral in a Constitution to see. The Lt will get a boost to hit points and damage due to Squad Support, while the Admiral will be stuck with the base Hull and damage based on a lower skill point allocation. (Because only Tier 1 and 2 ship skills apply to the Constitition)

If the Tier system was based on ship size, and not age, and it remained proportionate in strength to the players level, while still having an increasing order of strength based on available space, with allowances made for class (Escorts being naturally smaller) then there would be no problem. But the devs do not seem interested in such a system.