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07-27-2011, 02:04 PM
Originally Posted by Z3R0B4NG View Post
...seriously guys, the default interior only got released with Season... 2 ? 3 ? because the Forum was pushing for a release, even if it wasn't ready.
I would argue that the interior size should be limited (or expanded) as appropriate by the ship class you're using. Huge interiors wouldn't work with small ships anymore than small interiors would work with large ships.

Ultimately, this could probably be done in a fashion similar to: Light cruisers/scout ships have small interiors, medium cruisers/science vessels have medium interiors, and large cruisers/carriers have huge interiors as options.

Pursuant to that logic, being able to select a theme appropriate interior (based on that size) would be another option. The only variables needed to be saved for each ship would be 'ship name' (for the dedication plaque) as well as the theme style.

This would kill 2 birds with one stone: immersion as well as relative 'realism' of the interiors vs the exteriors of the ship.