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07-27-2011, 01:30 PM
Originally Posted by hurleybird View Post
  • Basically, don't try to make the cruiser into something it is not. You are a healer that does good sustained damage. Going away from that only serves to hurt you build and weakens your team.
Funny how the same thing can be said of your own build eh?

Healing setup:

x 2 Engineering Team IIIs
Extend I
RSP I for yourself
x2 EPtS Is for yourself
Transfer Shields II
Hazard I

You have one extra ensign based on what ship youre in (orion is best for healing due to science heals)


25 to weapons (even with 100 power to weapons your damage is laughable)
50 to shields
25 to engines (bump this up on the fly if youre being sci harrassed)
100 to Aux (reaches 119 with Borg)

x3 SIF consoles
x1 Field Generator console
x2 Hazard Consoles
x1 Borg Console

Best healer in the game.