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07-27-2011, 01:52 PM
Originally Posted by Duirsar
Has anyone actually been able to get the queen down in Infected? I've tried a few times with different groups and we have gotten the center pillar down but once the queen comes out she pretty much kills us super fast. Is there some trick to killing her now (I know to spread out for the chain lightning) is there a specific group configuration that we should take in, any specific gear I should have (using medic on my sci and squad leader on my tac)?
You can tell who has the blue ring by who she has targetted, if you are targetted by her, stop shooting.
You can beat her old school way, spread out, clean your platform by knocking any drones that pop off and keep shooting her.

Hypo's, and having energy or physcial resist armor helps, something with high overall energy resist.