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02-13-2009, 11:12 AM
Originally Posted by njdss4 View Post
In Nemesis, Data downloads all of his memories to B-4 prior to his death on the Scimitar. The memories didn't take right away, but seemed to be starting to at the end of the movie when B-4 was humming Irving Berlin's "Blue Skies", which Data had sang at Troi and Riker's wedding.

I like where the Klingon/Gorn situation is going. The Klingons conquering the Gorn seems like a logical move, they only needed something to get the ball rolling, and it sounds like this attack might be it.

Great timeline update! I'm loving every bit of it! Thank you!
Why must it be conquering?

I'm waiting to see how this goes first before making more of a background (sorry no Klingon is bossing ME around)