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02-13-2009, 10:35 AM
Originally Posted by Loekii View Post

I would suggest that they use the 'alternate Time-line' story line, mentioning some alteration that nudges STO Time-Lime away from the DESTINY TRILOGY Time line.

Alternate Time Lines is an iconic aspect of Star Trek (Alternate Universe, Time Travel Episodes, Temporal War, etc), and as such it is a good device to use, instead of just 'changing fiction and ignoring Lore Conflicts'.

I understand the whole 'soft-canon' point of view, I just do not think it should be abused. Why clash, when you can simply side-step. Clashes should be the last resort, not the first. Stick with the proper dates and basic events, and write in some fictional reason why things are different in STO Fiction, when clashes are unavoidable -- ie why the Borg exist in STO, but not after the events of some soft canon.

The last MMO that decided to pick and choose the Canon, and make gross changes 'just because they could' was SWG, and look how wonderful that game turned out.
Another problem with what you say is this ...

Not all writers of books and all looked at what other people wrote, so they can have discrepancies in book series and comics. So that can cause a problem for Cryptic to pull one over the other for information.

I'm no expert (I stopped watching DS9 at Dom War, and Voy when Kes left) so I admit so much I don't know.