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07-27-2011, 06:18 PM
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~snip lots of good stuff~

In Development
These items are actively being worked on by the development team.
  • Fan Designed Enterprise - New Cruiser Ship Class
  • Fed Tutorial Updates: Making Shooter Mode on by default, ability to skip
  • STF Improvements – Overhaul of Infected, the Cure, and Khitomer Accords – also includes hooking them up to PVE Queues
  • Ship Variants for these classes: Akira, Connie, Intrepid, Galaxy, Defiant, Raptor, BoP, and Battlecruiser
  • Trivia and Lore missions for social zones
  • Adding consensual open PVP melee areas to social maps (Andoria, Vulcan, Qo'noS, Rura Penthe)
  • Feature Episode Series 4 (near DS9)
  • Improvements to DS9 areas
  • Adding ability to warp to a friend and/or improving travel between sectors
  • Removing the restriction that you can only craft on Memory Alpha or Qo'noS
  • Borg Ground Invasion Event (to take place on a planet yet to be announced)
  • Adding Borg Invasion Leaderboards
  • 6 New End Game Gear Sets (18 items): Mk X – Mk XII, 3 Space Sets, 3 Ground Sets
  • 4 New Fleet Actions: 2 for each faction (1 Space and 1 Ground)
  • 3 New End Game unlock-able Costumes (1 Fed, 1 KDF, 1 Neutral)
  • Removing the concept of "Off-Duty" costumes and simply giving everyone "costume slots" you can use to store costumes
  • Updates to Kerrat and KDF patrol missions
  • Separating the ability to Aim and Crouch in shooter mode to independent actions
  • Mission Journal 2.0 with new “suggested” missions feature and complete listing of all episodes (similar to the Feature Episode tabs but for all missions in the game)
  • In Game Event Calendar
  • Combining Marks and Badges into a single scaled Emblem currency system
  • Ability to auction Emblems for C-Points between players
  • More shuttle and fighter specific mission types
  • New Help Tooltips in the UI
~snip lots of good stuff~
Highlighted in green from the latest Engineering Report. That should allow BOffs to wear off-duty costumes since there will no longer be "uniform" slots, but we'll see.