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07-27-2011, 07:43 PM
Originally Posted by Pyryck
p.s. and the front page calendar does say C-Store.
Oh. You're right.

Then... maybe they could give it the Nebula treatment? Make it a viable Tier 3 alternative and then offer an advanced version at a higher tier?

I'm not holding my breath. It could just be a skin. We've had starter ships only useful for the first 10 levels (before level progression compels an upgrade) so a ship skin lasting a tier doesn't sound like it wouldn't have any precedents. Pay 180 C-Point, do not pass go.

Heck, how do you even translate a Nova Variant at Tier 5? It obviously can't quite be as powerful as other offerings - it'd be kind of silly to have it outdo existing ships while its so small (though the same argument could be made for the Defiant).

Ugh. Speculating about it makes my brain hurt. I'll just wait and see. It's not that much of a wait.