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Originally Posted by FirstAngelus View Post
*Here is the problem: THATS NOT POSSIBLE. The Yaeger was never supposed to be shown in any kind of detail, its only purpose was to be seen as "Random ship in the background"... Any try to make the intergradation between the model parts make look even CLOSE to natural would simply make it another ship.
IMO it has no bigger place in Canon then the above mentionet Millenium Falcon...
Uhhh...yes you can. It is called Computer Generated Graphics. Once the model frame is made, you can change it by smothing rough areas. Also, with a good programer, you can chop off sections, or add other polygons extrapolated from a surface.

I once saw someone use an engineering CAD program typically used for Large Diesel engines to build a highly detailed Galaxy-class Starship, complete with lifeboat htaches. That was just the exterior after only one day. I was told that given time, he could create an interactive 3-D model that could be manipulated down to the CM.

Have a little faith in the graphics team. They can sometimes do thinks that people believed impossible.