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# 1 PvP Tips
07-27-2011, 11:27 PM
Given the new season, I though it'd be a good idea to give some pvp tips for anyone new to PvP.

I'll go first.

1. If you're an engineer in an escort with two Emergency Power to Shields, I suggest having your initial power levels set to 50 shields, 100 engines. Combined with emergency power to shields, your ship will be highly defended and any alpha strikes made on you will not be as effective. When you're finally ready to attack, shift power to weapons and hit the EPS transfer ability. Not only will almost instantly put power to weapons, it'll also keep you engine power levels up.
2. Target any ship that uses boarding party. Seriously, this ability is next to useless in PvP as virtually everyone has tact team which counters it.
3. If you're an escort rotating two tact teams, make sure you've got that five second vulnerability covered.
4. Don't have torpedoes on auto-fire.
5. Always keep an eye on your targets buffs and their timers.
6. When fighting cloakable opponents, keep an ear open for the sound of buffs being activated.
7. Similarly, if you see a sensor scramble probe heading your way, pre-empt it with a sci-team (unless your saving it for an SNB). As long as it hits within those 5 seconds of uptime, the scramble will be nullified.
8. It's very difficult in a busy battle, but try to keep track of when the player last cast certain abilities (like SNB). For example, if you keep track of a carriers SNB, you'll know when to keep your sci-team free for when he uses it again.
9. If you've got 3 of the 4 piece of Borg set and are in trouble, shift power to engines and shields and begin to circle. The Borg procs can actually be a pretty reliable means of healing. Great tactic against those with turrets and single cannons. Multiple DOT's can also set it off rather reliably.
10. If hit by jam sensors and there's no other real viable target, keep an eye on the bloom on your shield and try to listen for the targets engines. Doing so will enable you to keep track of the target so that when jam it wears off you've got it in your optimum firing arc. Even easier if he's using Aegis/Borg and hasn't hidden the effects.
11. If an escort, don't be afraid to hit evasive manoeuvres. It's not just there for running away, it can also help you zip around out of the targets firing arc and get them into your optimum one.
12. Where you see one Bird of Prey, always suspect there's at least another two cloaked near it.
13. At the beginning of the match check out the social window (default key is "O") to see what sort of ships you're up against.
14. Remember that devices can be changed in the middle of battle. Not important for cruisers but can be a lifesaver for an escort.
15. Unless he/she is exceptionally good, aim for cruisers with tactical captains.
16. If a sci ship is trying to face you, there's a good chance he's trying to SNB or GW/TR you.
17. Due to kinetic resists and shield tanking, torps are a rather useless weapon. A torp hitting a PvE opponent will cause about 6000 damage, while on a player tact escort with kinetic resists will cause about 2000. Given the damage energy weapons can deal, this makes torps a rather paltry weapon.
18. Target Hale.