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07-27-2011, 10:58 PM
Some good bits there, but may I add....

Torps on auto are okay on sci torp boats.

You should always watch your targets buffs. If you weren't, well...

Sci team clears scramble after your hit (except for 3 which is broken) I think...

Escorts should save evasive for their escape, all other ships can use otherwise. Actually in an escort I recommend having 2 escapes. Deuterium burns are perfect. Good teams will hunt and kill you if you don't. Your the dps.


My sci ship is always facing you, for tach beam3 twice in a minute. Bye bye.

What dude? Torps are awesome! And an intergral part of many builds. Underpowered, yes. But none the less it's burst damage when you need it.

See you on the battlefield.