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07-28-2011, 02:47 AM
Originally Posted by NeilCell View Post
Of course you don't. You are not playing at those leves anymore. I sometimes go back and create a new character and using the same old designs only at specific levels over and over again gets kind of old.
In that exact part that you quotet I mentioned that I have 9 toons so I went back several times.
There are still AT LEAST 3 ships on every Level, with 3 Ship-skins for each. And at Commander we have on fed side more Ships then the KDF had as end-content for a LONG TIME.
And I believe that is more then enough considering that, as I said, the lower tier ships are just used a few hours while the T5s are theoretical used for YEARS.

But the best would be to remove the f**** Tier system anyway....

Originally Posted by mister_dee
Considering the D'kyr (a ship roughly the volume of an Ambassador) in this game is a Science ship while the D'kyr on "Enterprise" was their version of a superbattleship, meaning it was appearently reevaluated as no longer viable in its original function and extensively redesigned...
Well I always considered the D'kyr more or less working like the BoP; having nothing in common with its "old" version beside the look.
The TNG/DS9 BoPs were no 100 years old ships, they just happened to keep the basic design because it simply WORKED, I dont know why everybody believes that technical progession has to show in optical changes every way. May be external designs simply ARE already optimal?