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07-28-2011, 03:03 AM
Originally Posted by mister_dee
Considering the D'kyr (a ship roughly the volume of an Ambassador) in this game is a Science ship while the D'kyr on "Enterprise" was their version of a superbattleship, meaning it was appearently reevaluated as no longer viable in its original function and extensively redesigned...

Considering the other ships have at least the fact they were still in srvice in the latest TV shows going for them while the Soyuz was retired before Praxis blew up...

The T5 Excelsior is still a lot less BS than a T3 Soyuz.
No, I'm very familiar with the debate in regards to each of these specific ships. The problem is that each of these specific ships has been justified in a particular way that also applies to any other ship you want to refit.

Take the B'Rel, the current thinking on the B'Rel is that it shares a shape and function with the hundreds year old original, and that's it. These are not actually Refits. These are new ships, manufactured with modern technologies and loaded out with modern systems.

Or the D'kyr, as you point out, all it shares with the original hundred something year old design is shape. It doesn't even meet the same function, and it's certainly not an actual Refit. It's also a new ship, manufactured with modern technologies and loaded out with modern systems.

So, what would be the technical reason to not do this with a Miranda? Don't get bogged down in questions of why they would, or why the developers should bother, that's actually a separate, far more interesting, discussion. Right now, in a game where "refit" means both a ship that's been upgraded from it's original specifications AND a ship who's hull shape has been coopted for use on a modern craft, why do we still see the "it's too old to be a Tier5 craft" argument?