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Originally Posted by FirstAngelus View Post
Well I always considered the D'kyr more or less working like the BoP; having nothing in common with its "old" version beside the look.
The TNG/DS9 BoPs were no 100 years old ships, they just happened to keep the basic design because it simply WORKED, I dont know why everybody believes that technical progession has to show in optical changes every way. May be external designs simply ARE already optimal?
If it was perfect, then why have we not seen ships using that shape more often?
I'll try to explain what I mean.
Ignoring for a moment the terracentristic attitude of Trek authors that seem to think only human design should influence Starfleet (Akiraprise) and that without Earth the Federation would be crippled beyond repair ("Nemesis"):

If the design was that good, either as a combat ship or as some kind of reseach vessel like it's used in this game, why did the new United Federation Starfleet not adopt the design to a far greater degree?
Why were Vulcan hulls, especially the by your idea "perfect" D'Kyr not the new look of Starfleet instead of the "Saucer'n Nacelles" we know toady?
And why do Vulcan ships of the 24th century look so very different?

should they not at least be derived from the D'kyr instead of only having a passing resemblance, omitting the rotating component of the propulsion system in favor of the more "amored" look the ring engine has?