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07-28-2011, 05:22 AM
Originally Posted by mister_dee
There is obviously a clear-cut reason in this case.
The ship in question was from the "Connie-refit" era but was retired from service well before the 2290's.
The original hull config, the Miranda was kept in service.
Meaning it was less useful than the Miranda.
It was not retired because it was too old, otherwise the entire Miranda line would have been retired as well.
It was retired because it was a failure compared to the Miranda.

So why "refit" a Miranda to the new incarnation of a hull variant of the Miranda that was clearly a failure and in some manner inferior the conventional Miranda hull design?

In addition the Soyuz clearly and oviously sacrificed its weapons module for additional sensor pods while the ship proposed here is a cruiser with a tactical inclination.
Meaning it is supposed to have combat capabilites superior to the Miranda.
That makes no sense at all, how is a variant with less weapons and more sensors capable ot outgunning a ship that has more guns?
Not what I was asking, but okay, here goes. The Soyuz sacrificed its weapons module for additional sensor pods how long ago? It was retired in 2208 and it is now 2408, it's possible the technology has progressed to the point where a ship with an identical sized and shaped hull can have its cake and eat it too.

Rephrasing my question in light of the reasoning used in your last argument. "Why do you believe technical requirements 200 years ago would apply to a ship today?"