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# 2528 My top three
07-28-2011, 07:36 AM
Short Term

I want to see more story based missions brought to the Klingons, while it is getting better over there it's still to pvp focused.

Medium Term

I'd like to see random drops of RD stuff brought into the game, acquired through the likes of exploration or diplomatic missions. Unique weapons, consoles ETC.........Give people a reason to go looking for none combat stuff as well as the blazing light shows.

Long Term

Space.......It just doesn't feel big enough

Mission entry cut seen, Should be entry into the chosen solar system. (Maybe a distant shot of you dropping out of warp with the entire solar system before you...before zooming into your ship. The area of combat/exploration should be more populated.....The Solar system...planets and moons ETC rather than just one lonely planet and a few floating rocks something akin to TNG opening where the Enterprise fly's past Saturn

And space in general should be increased in size.....more solar systems more missions just make it BIGGER ! and less repetitive to build in some life span, because as it stands people at best are only going to play through the game from start to finish a maximum of six times

Tactical / Engineer / Science on both Fed then KDF then what is there left for them to do......