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07-28-2011, 10:03 AM
Originally Posted by Armsman View Post
Yep, there's NO communication from the Dev Team in STO to the playerbase whatsoever - oh, except fpr the Dev Tracker; which see multiple DEv posts a day on a variety of subjects. We also get monthly engineering reports The latested osted on July, 18th, 2011 (link); and monthly Ask Cryptic responses from the EP of STO (TThe lastest thread where you can post a question here for the upcoming August one) (link)

We also get a stream of podcast interviews where the Devs talk about whats happening with STO, the latest to being less than a week ago, (here) and (here) (On July 22 and 23, 2011)

So, yeah, I guess I can see your point that the Cryptic STO Devs don't bother to communicate with the game's playerbase,... oh, wait...

STO has a number of major issues right now to be sure; but I'd say Dev Communication to the playerbase isn't really one of them.
A lot of the problem that people have with the way Cryptic communicates with it's player base is the fact that you really have to check fifteen different places to get the entire story. There aren't any other MMO companies out there that force you to do that and it is a little ridiculous. It shouldn't take half an hour of searching through the various communication methods to figure out what's actually going on. At the very least everything should be linked to from the forums.

I'm getting a little irritated by the Foundry being down as well. I actually only re-subbed this month because I wanted to use the Foundry and it's been down for the entire time I've been subbed.