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Originally Posted by Jermbot View Post
Not what I was asking, but okay, here goes. The Soyuz sacrificed its weapons module for additional sensor pods how long ago? It was retired in 2208 and it is now 2408, it's possible the technology has progressed to the point where a ship with an identical sized and shaped hull can have its cake and eat it too.
I strongly suggest you get your numbers right, it's 2279.
I understand what you're saying but it makes you look like you don't know what you're talking about to others.
The question I'd ask then is: when advanced technology makes is possible to get additional weapons into the hull without the weapons "rollbar" the Miranda has: would the Miranda not have dropped it if it was not needed?
Or even more to the point, the same upgrades could be applied to the Miranda as well.
Yet the Miranda has the rollbar in addition to that upgraded weaponry.
So the Miranda would end up being better armed in any case.

Originally Posted by Jermbot View Post
Rephrasing my question in light of the reasoning used in your last argument. "Why do you believe technical requirements 200 years ago would apply to a ship today?"
Unless the laws of physics are reversed, meaning "less" is suddenly "more" I don't see how the timeframe is relevant.
Weapons traded for sensors will mean the same no matter which century you're in.