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07-28-2011, 03:16 PM
well I wasn't able to give it a go due to disconnects and maintenance issues. But, I really appreciate that Gozer first made TD playable again, with an emergency fix to the final room towards the end of S3, and that the critter adjustments are going to happen within weeks of S4 going live. This is a big improvement over the sorry state TD was in for months.

Looking forward towards the endgame improvements that are projected for S5, I'm just curious what the overall plans for TD are? After all, its been part of endgame since the STFs went live, admittedly with problems, but still it is endgame content.

To be more specific, on the one hand, I don't quite see how one of four STFs needs the forum to realize that S4 ground combat changes would break this.

Originally Posted by Cryptic_Gozer
Terradome has not been touched at all with season 4. If the encounters are behaving oddly since the release of Season 4 this is the first I've heard of it.
I mean really how come, it went to Holodeck before QA or Tribble noticed? It feels like ugly duckling of STO.

On the other hand, if Cryptic's record for revamped missions is anything to go by, this has epic potential.
  • Are there any plans to develop a storyline that brings it into focus, more encounters with Sulu, more details about the Undine's plans, missions that pick up where TD leaves....
    Moaaar Undine stuff, why not?
  • Is there room to revamp its mechanics, beyond adjusting critters and mobs. Is the emergency fix scheduled to be permanent?
    • I actually like the console puzzle,
    • not sure if the respawn point at level 3 is intended or not. But overall, it seems a bit monotonous form beam in till there
    • the boss room is really meh, would love to see more happening there
    • what about different difficulties?
  • Will TDs rewards be adjusted, and brought in line with other STFs?
    kind of a no brainer, they really fall behind

So lets hear it what would you like to see?